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Meet our Team


A self-taught entrepreneur, Stan Muthulingam is the man behind CSI (THE CABLESHOPPE INC.), which funds Mosaic Lab. CSI started with four employees in 1991, and today has more than 150 highly skilled people and owns a 100,000+ sq. ft. facility in the Greater Toronto Area. An ISO 9001:2008 + TL 9000 certified company, CSIhas been on a continuous growth curve ever since. 

Stan is a well-respected man in the community, a first generation immigrant who came to Canada in 1984 and has lived his dream here in Canada. He is actively involved in the community and continues to support it in many ways.

As the Co-Chairman and Chief Executive at CSI he, along with this brother Monty Muthulingam take pride in owning one of Canada’s leading a telecommunication company which has a strong foothold in the most advanced telecommunications solutions throughout the Americas. Stan has lent inspiring leadership to the company over the years and continues to invest in people, technology, and relationships which are the basis of his business philosophy.


Mohan knows what it takes to build a company. He has been the founder and CEO of Nexus Ventures, PlayLab, TVI and CMR 101.3FM. Currently serving as the CEO of Campus Ventures, he brings years of experience in building companies from scratch and mentors young companies and start-ups who are a part of the CSI Platform.

Mohan has guided and supported more than 20 start-ups at the Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation at McMaster University. He has a keen interest in Software, Engineering Products, and Devices Businesses.

Mohan holds an M.B.A. in Science and Technology from Queen's University and a B.A. Sc. (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He serves on the board of two companies, and is a member of the advisory board at the Ryerson University Faculty of Electrical Engineering. At the Mosaic Lab, he brings rich experience handling businesses in their infancy and as during their growth curve. He is also a board member at a charity organization, Holistic Kriya Yoga Sang.