Corporate Innovation Services

Those who fail to innovate will become irrelevant in tomorrow’s business and societal landscape. No matter where a company is in innovation maturity, Mosiac Lab can help. Mosiac Lab offers products and services that can be flexed to help solve corporation's key challenges.

Emerging Technology Access

Mosiac Lab will identify the newest and most promising emerging technology trends and put them to work for your business. Mosiac Lab uses it's extended network and academic connections to bring relevant emerging technologies.


Explore industry, innovation, and technology landscapes to identify opportunity areas within your business to pursue. Business landscape exploration identifies a wide range of opportunity areas within your company to transform.

Kickoff + Strategy Alignment

Align on strategy and objectives and review relevant internal materials for full understanding of desired engagement delivery.

Technology + Opportunity Theme Exploration

Explore trends in technology, investment, and startup landscapes to determine key opportunity areas.

Opportunity Area Focus + Final Recommendation

Organize recommended business opportunity areas and deliver final assessment.

Concept + Solution Design

Design a range of concepts that offer transformative solutions to your opportunity areas, and then turn that concept idea into a viable solution

Prototype + Test

Build out your solution features and pressure test it in a proof of concept, then optimize the holistic solution in a final proof of concept prior to in-market testing.

Source Technologies + Startup

Learn, explore, and connect with hand-curated startups for potential partnerships within an identified opportunity area.