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Mosaic Lab Startup services

Bringing start-ups and companies will together in one place will bring many benefits

•     Collaborations

•     Partnership

•     Acquisitions

Startup services

Every idea and start-up is different. The team at Mosaic Lab understands that the needs of each venture can vary on a case by case basis. Depending on the requirement of the start-up in order to help attain their goals, Mosiac Lab can structure each opportunity accordingly to ensure that start-ups are in a position to succeed.


Select Mosaic Lab's start-ups may be eligible for up to $100,000 angel investment. In the event that a larger opportunity exists and a larger financial commitment is required, Mosaic Lab will lead and bring on the best suited investment partners for each specific start-up.

Startup founders will also have access to contacts for further rounds of fundings

Mentorship, Product Advice & Validation

Mosiac Lab will provide coaching from dedicated Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and advisors acting as a part of the team.


The opportunity to further commercialize, scale your technology and conduct a proof of concept with relevant business lines.


The chance to meet and network with fintech experts, investors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and fellow start-up companies.


Provide tailored support and exclusive workshops on topics related to the business incubates